Ask anybody about pressure washing and power washing are similar and they likely say yes. Ask a professional the same thing and you’ll get a different answer. It’s important to know the difference between the two because you will understand things better when you get any of these services. You’ll have a good idea as to which is the right choice for you. Making an erroneous based on what you thought you’ll get is possible. Make some research. Be an informed and wise consumer.

Power Washing Explained

The reason why a person thinks that power and pressure washing are similar is the fact that they both use water to produce the same end result. As its name implies, power washing is known to steadily deliver strong streams of hot water. Because it works at a high speed, power washing is suitable for cleaning driveways. It is powerful enough to remove gum from walkways. It is also used for killing moss.

However, its velocity can be too for some situations, rendering it inappropriate. For example, a lot of professionals believe that power washing isn’t the best way to clean roofs, as it may under the shingles and damage them. The water may also get under the shingles, causing mold and mildew.

Pressure Washing Explained

The major difference between power washing and pressure washing is the speed. The velocity of pressure washing is lower compared to power washing. The water used is also not hot at all. When cleaning areas such as patios and walkways made with bricks or concrete, pressure washing is ideal.

Since power washing and pressure washing have become so synonymous, even the experts in the field prefer to either word when referring to their services. So, ask the pro to explain what you’ll get, particularly if you were advised against the use of power washing on the exteriors of your home. If not, then either one of them is a perfect way to spruce up your home’s surfaces.

Which One to Choose?

In some cases, instead of power washing, time is saved by pressure washing. A hydraulic sprayer with high pressure can be used to remove many things other than dust. For example, cleaning buildings and cars will require the removal of old rust and paint.

It is possible to use various nozzles that make a certain difference in water flow. For industrial jobs, the ideal choice is power washing while pressure washing is recommended for home interiors. Power and pressure washing may damage weak surfaces, such as wood and masonry structures. They should be handled with care when cleaning these materials.

Hire the Professionals

If you need help with pressure and power washing, hire professionals. The experts in pressure washing Abbotsford will help you greatly in making sure that you get the best results without spending too much. Request quotes from different service providers so that you can easily compare their services side by side. That’s a great way to know which service is better than the other.