If you’ve just moved to a new home, then you must be excited. But there’s plenty of work in front of you. Forgetting about the yard is what a lot of new homeowners are guilty of. Unlike living in an apartment, your yard does not only need to be kept well-cared for so that it remains to look great, but there are city codes that you must follow these days, especially when it comes to overgrown lawns.

Every homeowner, especially the new ones, does a lot of mistakes when caring for your garden or yard. Here’s what you need to understand about their lawn care. Lawn care may look like a difficult task but it’s doable, even for first-time homeowners. Let this task be handled by a pro. Ask for a quote from an expert in landscaping Prince George today.

Landscaping 101

Although you may have already realized that lawn mowing is done regularly, you should also know that there are many other things that you need to do that’s related to landscaping. These tasks may vary in duration depending on where you are located. But they’re what all homeowners need to know. Here are some landscaping jobs that you will have to perform as a homeowner:

1. Buy a lawnmower.

While budgeting for that new house, you could have overlooked buying a lawnmower. It’s a product that you want to invest in. The type of lawnmower that you should purchase will depend heavily on your home size. For small-yard urban homes, buying a manual lawn mower is an eco-friendly choice. Their prices are lower, but you’ll be doing all the work yourself!

If you have a big lawn, you might find it easier to use a gas-powered lawnmower. But then, the best lawn mower to buy today is the cordless type or battery-powered. There are also lawn mowers that you can drive around the lawn, which is advisable if you have a huge yard.

2. Mow the lawn.

Having found the best lawn mower, mowing the lawn is what you should do next. While it seems like a simple task, there are some things that you must remember. The first is setting a lawn care schedule. Some lawns need mowing more frequently than others, depending on the weather condition. You’ll want to trim the grass, so it won’t be too low. Ideally, they should be around 2 to 4 inches long. Cutting the lawn shorter could easily draw in more pests and weeds into your landscape.

Many homeowners find regular lawn maintenance overwhelming. So, they neglect doing it from time to time, especially when they’re away on a vacation. Don’t worry as there are professional lawn maintenance contractors that can help you out. You can schedule a weekly lawn maintenance service with them. The average cost of regular lawn care is $226 these days.

3. Water the lawn.

Summer heat makes brown and brittle grass, which won’t look good for your home. Water the lawn every morning for the best results. The amount of irrigation that you need will depend on big the lawn is. Install an irrigation sprinkler to make things easier for you. Sprinklers are also a great lawn investment. The estimated average sprinkler installation cost is $2,300.